Your account is under review. Why?

I see that I am far from the first to be blocked without explanation and not paid. Recently, on August 8, the day of the due payment, I received a letter from our beloved brave team. You are familiar with it all, it says there that I am suspected of black deeds, so they blocked me. But this is not true.
More than 3 months since I have been promoting this browser, and there were no problems. I did not use any cheats, bots, cheats, I did everything honestly from the very beginning. I knew that they were blocking it and did not even think of using it.
There was a question in the letter: “1) How did you solicit tips / contributions / referrals? What were your methods for doing so?”

  • my youtube account
  • my social networks
  • my friends / family

“The quickest way to find out is to contact us at, where a real person will read and respond to your message.” Well, where is the person who needs to communicate with me. Explain to me the reason for the block. How is this month different from others? What reasons did you find to block me and not pay a reward? Is it all because I was looking for new users all this time? wasting your time and energy? how did a fool persuade his friends and family to use your browser?
I wrote on,
I have not been answered anywhere for 4 days.
And here is another question - how did it coincide that they blocked me on the day of payment, and not on any other day? that is, until the last time you showed that everything was fine, I will soon receive my reward, but it was on August 8 that the robot accidentally found some kind of suspicious activity. What is this circus for? What would be the most offensive to me?
Apparently a bit too much I brought new people. You apparently haven’t decided to pay such amounts. That’s how the great brave browser works. It makes people look for you new users, and then instead of the promised payment, throw people for money.
According to my calculations, I will have about $ 1,000 at the end of the summer. I live in Russia, and for me it’s somewhere around 4 salaries. Thanks


You’re not alone my friend. The same situation for me. I also made +$1k and my account was put to “under review” status on a pay-day.

@mentalny @Dushniy apologies for the inconveniences.

First, don’t post your email here. It’s a public forum.

And regarding your account suspension, please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions.

The team will get in touch with you after your account be reviewed.


I made a website about Brave browser.
Spent my savings on advertising. I was also blocked and I lost money.

This of course is all cool. But what is it? I read the thread. They block people there and do not pay them money. Just an excuse. It is written in black and white: “The quickest way to find out is to contact us at, where a real person will read and respond to your message.” It’s already been 5 days, but no one answers me. I sent enough letters to this address and another too. Why shouldn’t I open new discussions if I have been deceived?
“Account suspensions are sensitive subjects and in the best interest of protecting people’s privacy” What kind of nonsense? This is just an excuse not to write the reason for the account block. What is the difficulty of reporting why they blocked me. It is that there is no reason and it needs to be hidden somehow.
Okay, if I were alone, I could believe that somehow it happened, something violated. But here are a huge number of people in this thread and in others, they create the same topics as I do - they were blocked just like me without explanation.
My overall picture is starting to take shape. This explains the rapid growth of the brave browser. Here it is - his greatness. Under the pretext of money, make people invest their time and energy in promoting the browser, and then block their accounts without explanation.

I am wrong? I’d love to believe it. But who can convince me of this? may be you?


I received my payment, problem is solved.

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I don’t have account on bitcointalk, but I feel i will create one soon.

@Dushniy @ProPlusMd☝️

It may sounds like an excuses. But it’s better to contact the publisher support team via email. Suspension case is handled via email since it’s contain personal information. It may take a while too review a case since each case may be unique and different from each others.

Thanks for your patience and apologize for any inconveniences.

@eljuno Sure first what i did is to contact support via email, both possible emails. At the moment I don’t have any response also like many others.

Most likely, accounts are blocked by small bipods like you and me. I learned about this topic from a person with over 40,000 subscribers. I think that they will definitely not block it, otherwise it can cause a resonance and make a negative clip. What can we do? Yes, I can do the same, shoot a video, post to myself that the browser brave are scammers, but it will not go far. And those people who use the browser will decide for themselves. When I tried it, I had few installations, but as soon as I reached a higher level, they immediately blocked me. Apparently this is what they are guided by. Yes, you have people whom you persuaded to install a browser, but it is unlikely that you will persuade them to remove it and never use it - they don’t care.

How many letters are few?

I received my payment, problem is solved.

Do you have it at all? YouTube account. Just, as far as I understand, they have a fad about this, so that you would be a “famous person”, a creator of unique content, etc. Yes, you have many installations. But can you now discourage all people who have installed it from your link to use the browser? i.e. do you have a community? People with YouTube accounts have this opportunity. They can start creating videos for their entire audience, so that they delete this browser, etc. If your main method of attraction is advertising, then you are unlikely to have huge opportunities like YouTube content makers. So we all need to write to various communities and ask questions. We can’t do anything else. We are powerless. It is unlikely that you will invest another 2700 dollars to promote advertising against the browser.
Personally, I do not have such opportunities. Yes, I do not have as many installations as you do. I have a YouTube channel on which I shoot a video where there are few subscribers. I have a social. network and I can provide a video on which more than 4k views (from there most of the traffic) I can send pictures of laptops and phones to my friends and family, where the browser is installed. But I can’t do anything about it. I can not dissuade most people from using (except friends)
+Although I am blinded. My ways of attracting customers are still working. that is, people continue to install the browser, and I’m blocked.

If anyone is interested. I have been granted access. No funds were received. What will happen next, I do not know. In theory, they can repeat this operation until the end of the promotion. Close access on the day of payment, and then open it when the period passes. If I get paid, the coins I earned, then I will delete this post. If not, I will continue to write and understand the problem.


I have new problems. Brave still do not want to play by the rules and give me a reward honestly.

  1. I, At the top, the inscription “Authentication failed. Your login link may have expired; please send yourself a new sign in link.” It was never there before my account was blocked. Corrected by refreshing the page. BUT THIS IS NOT THE MAIN …
  2. After my account was unblocked, 30 day use confirmations stopped coming to it. I noticed this immediately, but decided to give time … suddenly this is not a big delay. but since August 14 I have not received a single confirmation … What would you understand in my account for 4-5 installations there is always 1 confirmation. This week I have accumulated 29 installations, i.e. this is somewhere 5-6-7 confirmations. I have not one … And what will happen next? I still have a lot of installations. And I will never believe that people suddenly stopped using the browser. And this accidentally coincided with the day of unlocking my account, ahah. Agree, this is very suspicious …
    As I understand it, these two points are connected. My account is broken, defective, so no confirmation comes to it … It’s logical, logical. But why is it broken? I did absolutely nothing.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I know that confirmations may be delayed. That is why I did not write in advance, but waited a short period, but as you can see the problem has not yet been resolved. I will wait (and what else to do)
It’s just that this record never appeared and I don’t like it. All problems began after the account was blocked.

Here is another inscription. I replenish the collection)

This expiry notification looks like an issue. I am seeing this in suspended account.

@Dushniy @HarryHaller @ProPlusMd @mentalny @isay Hi guys! Do you have news? Who was unlocked?