Your account is under review pls help

Hi, help please, my account is still Your account is under review, what should I do? Soon the new payment should come soon, but I still have not checked the account, how long do I have to wait? I have a clean account, real referrals, real donations, I would like to receive my payment on May 8, but the account is not yet verified, please help, thanks!

Can anyone help me and answer? what should I do?

Soon almost a month has passed, as my account is under verification, but so far I have not received a response from you, why so long? Can you unblock my account? so that I can again send traffic to my link and receive payment, this is not serious, I have been waiting for almost 1 month! I have a clean account, real browser downloads and real donations! Please return my account! thank!

My account also under since April 9th

admins, why do you ignore me? I was already tired of waiting, a month passed, but I did not get anything. there is no answer, support by email is silent, no one answers here either, what a disgrace? why such a bad attitude to people?

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