You tube links will not open in brave browser anymore

  1. I have documents that contain hyperlinks to youtube videos
  2. Normally when i click on Ctrl and select with mouse the you tube link opens the video
  3. This has stopped working and it opens a window saying your browser is upto date and you can continue to use youtube features

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

@ruxton28 ,

Copy the URL address (in the hyperlink of interest), and paste that URL address into a new, blank window of the text editor that you use on your computer.

And, SAVE that new text document to the Desktop of your computer.

Does that URL address look OK?

If OK, copy the URL address FROM the text editor window . . . of the newly-saved text file . . . and paste this URL address into the URL address field of at least two different Internet browsers (one of which, is your default Internet browser) . . . and report back here (Brave Comm.) with your findings.

Thanks for your reply. I have done this and yes, this works in Brave but that was not the point of the problem which is: I have hyperlinks to YoutTube videos in a word document which used to fire them up in the browser but now all i get as as per the original screenshot. i have since tried different browsers as default and the issue remains and so i can conclude that it is NO a browser issue but a YouTube issue.
I have contacted YouTube about this now and I am not alone with this problem.
I have found a workaround is to just pdf the word document

@ruxton28 ,

A major clue was revealed, when you created a PDF file version of the Microsoft Word doc.

The problem will likely be found in some Hyperlinks troubles, in the Microsoft Word document(s). Details re the construction and fixing of hyperlinks:

My original reply, was a test for determining if the URL address itself, stripped (by the method I suggested) of any Microsoft formatting – in other words, in plain text form – would be proven, or not, to be valid.

Thanks for the message. I will read the instructions properly later. I firmly believe that the problem lies with the youtube developers thought. The document has been working properly for many months, ie when I use ctrl button and left mouse click on the hyperlink it used to open up the video in YouTube. I can conclude from this that it’s not a problem with anything I’m doing wrong because all links are behaving the same. On YouTube community pages there’s many people having these issues accross all browser platforms

@ruxton28 ,

I meant to suggest a test. Quit all Microsoft applications on your computer.

Next, start Microsoft Word and open a new window – and save it as a new “test_hyperlink.doc” file on your computer desktop.

Next, using the proper procedure (re the instructions in my earlier reply - above - that website), enter (insert < - terminology?) a YouTube URL address . . . creating a lone Hyperlink in the test document.

Save the file . . . Quit Word . . . and then start and use Word to open the test file . . . and do your key combo for that lone Hyperlink . . . to see if that will succeed.

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