You sent 1 BAT to Brave Software International (same issue too)

Briefly describe your issue:
You sent 1 BAT to Brave Software International.
just receive this mail from UpHold.
No sign of contribution or transaction. It’s strange if Brave can initiate transaction from my uphold wallet : Transaction created using Uphold is clearly specified in the transaction.
I found this topic in the community but no real answer.
And before contacting the fraud team at UpHold, I’ll share here.

The transaction ID :
The email :

Below the Brave contribution and autocontribute settings (nothing there -autocontribute OFF and no contribution at all)

What Operating System and Brave version are you using?

Who is your verified custodian? UpHold

Are you in a supported region? Canada is supported by UpHold

Definitely sounds like auto contribute. I see you put a screenshot of it turned off. Let me ask, do you have multiple devices or browser profiles connected to Uphold by chance? The reason I’m asking is it only takes one for it to be done. I’ve seen cases in the past where person looked at their desktop but forgot about their phone, or anything similar.

Well, answer is to always check all devices and profiles. The next step for any issues related to Rewards is to create a Rewards Support Ticket at Not much can be done until then.

Do keep in mind that as this is when payouts are occurring, there’s usually a large influx of tickets. They try to respond within 3-5 business days, but it can take longer. Definitely get that support ticket filled out as soon as you can so someone from Brave can take a look and help figure out what might be happening.

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Pretty long shot, but thank you.
My son use my account on its PC and brave is installed with autocontribute.
My session was open, and voila :slight_smile:

I was so sure no other Brave browser was active lol

Thank you for this cristal clear answer and for you patience !

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