You have reached maximum number of devices error when trying to connect wallet

My wallet got disconnected from my Uphold account automatically, and when I try to reconnect it I receive the error described in title. Although, I’m using the browser on one device only.

Brave version 1.24.84

Have u open any profiles and verified your wallet before?

No, but I uninstalled the browser many times and each time I was connecting my wallet again. I think the issue that Brave is counting each install as a new device. Is there a way to unlink all Brave wallets that are associated to my Uphold account?

Thats the problem if u connect a wallet and verified once it is count as verified wallet link once…
And brave allow only 4 verified wallet link
i.e. if u link once u got 3/4 left linking wallet. And even if u uninstall the browser and download it again and link again it is count as 2/4 available linking i.e if u link it again and again more than 4 by uninstalling it and installing it u might have use up all the chance to link ur wallet i.e u have use4/4 linking available.

You mean there is nothing I can do to resolve this? I can’t withdraw funds from my wallet any more?

I think so try contacting developers for support

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