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Hello, here is my 2nd post.

Edx is a website ( where you can do courses from universities all over the world. I do some study there.

The problem: I am logged in at website and busy with a course. Then you finish one page with questions and then you go to the next page, the internet page loads to the following page. With Firefox it works but Brave gives a message:
“You have been logged out of your edX account. Click Okay to log on again now. click cancel to stay on this page (you must log in again to save your work).”
If I click Okay then I get the same message. If I click cancel then I can continue AND I am not logged out. Last, there is a box that you can set on/out and says:“prohibit that this page gives extra messages” (translated).

Is this a known issue, or is it because of some settings?
Can flash have to do with it?
I have windows7 with Firefox and Brave.

Thx for any feedback


Can you try with shields down for this site and see if you still get the problem?


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