You guys stole my 3 dollars

I saved up 3 dollars while the auto contributions were on. I lost all my money. How am I supposed to get it back? is it gone forever? I finally turned it off, but now I do not know if this browser is still worth using. Overall, I had to close out of ads for no reason.

I’m not sure if you can get it back as you’ve A-C enabled.

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I do not think there is a way to get back unfortunately… And I would not say they stole it. It is an option that needs to be checked off if you do not support it, as you have. Yeah it sucks, but at least now it should not happen again. If you use the browser quite often, I would say in a month or so you can easily accumulate 2-3$.

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What bothers me is that, from an usability perspective, it makes sense to onboard users with Auto-Contribute set to OFF.

If they don’t do that, users with fresh installations, or newly created profiles, will be surprised, upset, and frustrated at Brave. Users don’t take too kindly when things are taken without permission.


No one stole anything from you. The default for auto-contributions is on, and you have to manually turn it off. Unfortunately, there is no refund for auto-contributions under those circumstances.

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you can actually get your $3 back, you can contact @steeven he’ll help you solve the problem.

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