You can't edit the image on the main screen

): I would like you to add that option., ): ): ):

Hello @Abejin, thank you for bringing this to our attention. You mean the home screen background? What kind of device and OS do you use? please let us know this information so we can provide the steps or further investigate how to it. Regards.

Yes, I’m talking about the home screen, I use IOS. I’m new to Brave by the way.

I use Ipad IOS 16.2 IPad Seventh generation ………

@Abejin What you’re referring to is the New Tab Page. Currently there’s no way to add your own photo or manually adjust, however you can choose from 3 options.

  • No background image at all

  • Sponsored Images (this will vary when you open, often showing random designs by advertisers. They can be awesome looking)

  • Default Images (this will be randomized image based on designs that have been submitted to Brave or created by Brave. They are some very beautiful photos and all.

You can choose the above from Hamburger menu (three dots)SettingsNew Tab Page.

As to more customization, this is something that they are looking at and should eventually be coming. I don’t know an ETA.

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