You can only link 3 wallets to Uphold, when can I link more wallets?

Hello, I have 4 Brave Rewards wallets …

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Personal mobile
  • Mobile work

I’ve only been able to link 3 wallets to Uphold.

Do you know if more than 3 wallets can be linked to Uphold in the future?

At the moment I cannot get the BATs out of my mobile from work due to being limited.

On the other hand, how can you unlink wallets from Brave in Uphold? If I change mobile phones and I can’t link more wallets, I should be able to unlink the wallets from the old phones.



You can link as many deviced as you want (so no limit there), but you will receive rewards only from first 3 linked…at least this was true until android wallet verification was released
I had 4 linked devices before, receiving rewards to uphold from first 3 linked…yesterday, i verified my android phone and received accumulated rewards from android within few hours…so lets see if team will announce some news related to this
Regarding unlinking - im asking about this option for 3/4 year, but no news yet, @Mattches mentioned in past, that there will be (maybe) such option in the future…as was wallet verification released in nightly, dev, beta version, i was trying that and the “live” version of brave is now the only one from which Im not able to receive the rewards :slight_smile:

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