You are at the top of the list of being careless

how much time do you guys need, FOREVER? it has been 1 week and most of the users did not receive publishers payment that was supposed to be transferred to the uphold on 8th of this month, we dont hear from you, we receive one message where you guys ask for our emails and thats it, no more going further… your wallets do not update, browsers do not sync, you take ages to solve issues, you do not communicate with your users, YOU SIMPLY DO NOT CARE… my humble request to all those who fell the same is to leave this platform, there are many more options, internet is wast, and you can keep my BAT token, you will soon need them when there will be no user left on your platform.

Dude, I myself do not receive 2 months of payment due to their mistake, but it seems like they promise to pay exactly on September 9, so if then again there are no payments, you can sound the alarm