Yesterday verified, today flagged

Hi. Yesterday I verified my account with uphold. Only 16,5 BATS from 53,5 were transferred. Today I tried to disconnect from uphold, verify again and my account was flagged. 37 BATs not transferred and also not given back.


BATs not transferred, not given back, ticket not answered. 3 days after verifying.

Not sure when you submitted ticket, but keep in mind they usually don’t work on the weekends. You posted this on the weekend. So assuming ticket around the same time, you might have a while. Tickets are answered in the order they are received typically. This averages about 3-5 business days before they get to a ticket, but it can happen sooner or take longer.

Also, if you do have a support ticket, it’s usually helpful to provide the ticket number rather than just saying “ticket not answered” or whatever. This is because it would allow them to look up your ticket and check the status. But when you provide no information, all they can do is respond to tell you to check your email or to then ask you for your ticket number. All of which would delay things.

OK, I understand. 37 BATS is big amount for me so I´m quite nervous. My ticket number is 175487. Thanks

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Taking a look. Thanks!

I´ve got answer on my email already. Thank you very much.

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Brave team has removed flag, account verified already a all BATs transferred. Thank you very much for fast solution.

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