Yandex search in Brave

How to change this address to open Yandex search in English menu text 'images, vides etc. in Windows 10 Pro laptop Brave browser ?

Using this address the upper menu is in Russian language, how to change it in English ?

It did worked before but when I needed to uninstall /install Brave, English menu was gone.

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what exactly are you seeing, post a screenshot.

The URL you are providing is even a captcha which is invalid so it doesn’t work.

I just figured it out, I needed to change the Brave browser language to English. Now the upper menu in Yandex search, which is my default search engine in Brave, shows “web, images, video, translate” etc. text in English.

The browser language was other than English or Russia (it was my mother language)

The address I tried to show was this:


All OK now, thank for your fast reply !

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