Yahoo virus hijacking brave

My brave has been infected with the yahoo virus which basically redirects all my searches to the yahoo search engine by default.
Even when I go to and search something it redirects the search to yahoo
My default search engine is google but all my searches gets directed to yahoo.
I don’t have any extensions or other setting turned on that may cause this.

It started to occur randomly, I haven’t installed or downloaded any software or files that may cause this thing.

My OS is MAC M1 chip and I have brave updated to latest version and I have performed all the internal security check ups on brave browser but still haven’t found any thing suspicious

Any suggestion will be helpful!!

It’s hard to find which file/extension/software downloaded this malware. It’s suggested to run an antivirus scan to remove this malware.


If you don’t have an antivirus / want to remove it manually this Blog post may help you. just scroll and find the section where they have listed the steps to remove the malware manually.

Hope this solves your issue :grinning:.

@Nameless5721 You can use something like Malwarebytes or Bitdefender to scan your Mac. Malwarebytes is the best for detecting and removing annoying malware/adware.

I’ve already visited this site and tried these options before posting my query but they didn’t worked.
Thank you for your suggestion!

FYI on previous related topics. I can’t help but they might. :smiley:

As other users are reporting here, it can sometimes be tricky to find the source of these types of issues. I’m curious if you have any extensions installed at this time? Further, if you do this in a Private browsing window, do you still get redirected to Yahoo search?

Thank you for your concern.
I’ve fixed that issue now, but I can still tell you the specifics of what I had.

First of all, I had no extensions installed at that time and also in Private window/browsing the search still got directed to yahoo. I tried every brave setting for security available and also reseted the browser but it had no effect. In the end I used an antivirus and restarted my mac which resolved the issue.

According to me I didn’t restarted my mac a month that’s why this virus was able to persist.

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Thank you for updating us. Glad you were able to get the issue resolved.

Marking this thread as solved.