Yahoo mail: most commercial emails a big blank page

Using windows10 64b and yahoo mail: opening pretty much any commercial email (e.g. from walgreens) results in a mostly blank page. There’s a bit of header and footer and notes on embedded specials (not sure how those get there?) at the top, and then a big blank page. This just started happening in the last day or two. Until then have LOVED the way Brave tames the yahoo ad festival! If I turn shields off, the normal email appears, but along with the whole rest of the yahoo ad festival. A visit to the yahoo web page suggests they may have done something recently to make it easier to clip images from a page. Don’t know if that may be related to the problem or not. Normal pictures attached to email continue to work just fine, fwiw.

Is it possible to forward the Walgreens email (assuming no private details are involved)? I can take look

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