Yahoo Financial Site - Clicking on stock Nothing happens

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1.When I look up a stock on Yahoo Financial Site search, the stock name appears in the search box. WHen I click on the name of the stock, nothing happens. What should happen is that the stock information appears with all the data, etc. Works in Chrome but not in Brave
2.I am using version v1.2.41 of Desktop Brave
3. The problem is easily reproduced as it happens 100% of the time.

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Are you referring to
On my end, stocks seem to display without issue:

Can you tell me what you have your Shields settings configured to for the site?

The stocks display fine. The problem is when using the search box on the site to look for a new stock. The search brings up the name of the stock. But when you click on the name “in the search box” nothing happens.

I am not familiar enough with shield settings to answer that question.

Take a look at our Shields documentation here:

For now, can click the lion icon in the address bar and show me what the settings are configured to ?

I looked at the Shields, I never fiddled with it when installing Brave. So it is whatever the default is. I am still having problems getting the clicks on the search box of page to work. This problem has happened on a few other sites as well. I’m thinking of going back to Chrome as I never have this problem there. Brave is a great effort. I love the privacy features. But at this point it does not work as well as Chrome.

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