Xmarks Plugin - Cross Browser for Developers


Yes, I see this was brought to your attention before, back in 2017 I believe and it was replied to stating the Brave browser will have bookmark sharing capabilities. That is great news. But there are some instances were a specific browser bookmark sync is not the best solution.

  1. Developers working across different development environments. Example: I develop at home on my personal computers, a work computer and my computer at work. I develop web based software, this is tested in all major browsers at any given time. When I am doing a test having all bookmarks sync’d allows me to start problem research without having to find the specific single browser.
  2. Different platforms for development. Yes, I referenced machines which includes developing/testing on Windows and OS X. Different browsers unfortunately function differently on different OS’s.

I understand the need for an average user to need only the browser specific bookmark sync. But developers and power users are frequently jumping all over and it is nice to have all bookmarks in sync.

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