Xero invoice tab etc not working anymore

Description of the issue: I cannot open or create invoices in xero anymore with brave. Other browsers work.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. every time I click the create invoice tab
  2. every time I try to open an existing invoice

Expected result: I would like to resolve this and continue running brave as my preferred browser.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.42.97

Additional Information:

Thank you for reaching out. Can you tell me if the site works when you turn Shields off (lion icon in the address bar)?

The site works except for the create invoice or viewing invoice. It doesn’t make a difference with the shield down.

Would you mind trying to use the create invoice or view invoice option in Brave, then open the dev tools console window and share a screenshot of any output that appears there? TO be clear:

  1. Visit the site
  2. In Brave, go to Menu --> More tools --> Dev tools and select the Console window
  3. Reproduce the error
  4. Take a screenshot of any output in the console window

Thank you.

Hi thanks for the reply.

Please see attached screenshot of the issue.

Kind Regards,

Ben Sorenson

You have done everything right except that you’re on the Elements tab/window of the dev tools console. Please do the exact same thing, but have the Console tab selected:

Sorry about that here you go

Kind Regards,

Ben Sorenson

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Which option will give me an error? Just using the “Demo Company”', just needing directions for a Xero noob;

When I click the plus icon on top RHS and create invoice I get the error.

Kind Regards,

Ben Sorenson

I’ll test more later tomorrow, but from my testing in Brave release (not yet in Beta/Nightly). Would test in private window mode for a start

Hi, I am having the exact same issue. When I try to view an invoice or create one, I get that error as well. Here’s the console from within a private tab where it does work, and here’s the console in a regular tab where it doesn’t work. Shields on/off no difference. Shoutout to @Chocoholic for pointing me here. @moderators
Below is when it won’t open an invoice

below is when it opens an invoice and works.

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