loading Great Britain instead of US

Description of the issue: loading the Great Britain version not the us which I where I am and when loaded from a bookmark or manually changed in the address bar any link will redirects back to the GB some links will redirect to the us and some won’t

Types or load from bookmark and get the US version of the site and it’s links to US and not GB

Every time I type or click a link from bookmarked page

ISO 13.5.1 Brave Version 1.17 (

What locale have you set on your device? On iOS the browser language (i.e Safari language) will be ignored when transmitting the browser headers. Only your device language will decide what the „ACCEPT-LANGUAGE“ header will look like. Your device needs to be set to English (US). This limitation is unique to iOS. Apple has simply not understood the difference between device or app language and a browser header.

You can go to and check what the „ACCEPT-LANGUAGE“ header looks like.

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My device is en-us in language and United States for region the link pulled up en-us

Ok, in this case the website is to blame. Your browser gives the correct locale but the Website apparently serves you the wrong data.

Thanks, I know it doesn’t happen in chrome or safari so that is why I was thinking it was on braves end

Are sure? If you open the website with Safari you get the US version? But opening it with Brave will gibe you the UK version? But both browsers show the correct US language header?

Strange. The website usually decide which version to serve simply by reading the ACCEPT-LANGUAGE header. That’s all. Some websites use geolocation by analyzing your IP. But this has nothing to do with the kind of browser you use.

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