"X" buttons not functional; design and features -- how to make Brave even more revolutionary


Simplified view bug

Great that you were able to reproduce it; it’s been bugging me for ages, even when I was using Chrome – so it’s inherited.
(Opening in Private tab is just in place of clearing site data – kinda gives you a fresh start; the issue occurs on ordinary tabs too.)

Top toolbar design → migrate to GitHub

Thanks for the advice; I might do that. For now, I’m just glad it’s out of my head. :slight_smile: I would imagine if the other browsers’ operations are worth anything, their spies would be checking out this forum… So it’s out there, and will probably make it into Brave one way or another. (Or I’ll implement it myself someday. :slight_smile: )

Fingerprinting issue (#1/5 in OP)

I’ve seen that others (on GitHub) are onto this general issue, and they are really unhappy. :slight_smile: Not being alone is nice, I guess… This should be easy to solve – just generic strings, such as the ones I mentioned would be fine.

I’ve posted some of this in the Android requests forum, which is probably more appropriate for it. [Likes & marking this “solved”.]


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