I don’t know what happened to my beloved Brave, but for a day it behaves like any other browser on this service since the release of version 1, there have not been any problems listening to this service, for the second day I have been observing constant buffering, skipping several songs in a row, incorrect Displaying the cover of the track in general, all that was on google chrome, opera and firefox. Initially, about a month ago, these problems started on the stable version, everything was perfect on the beta version, yesterday the same problems came on the beta version. I don’t know what you did there, but it was because of the lack of problems with this service that I chose Brave and rejoiced in it. Now I have to look for a replacement

Everything worked perfectly on the old version of IE, for example, it works)
Here’s an example of how Pandora began to work in Brave. Instead of the cover, a black square and buffering. And it does not matter whether it turned on ad blocking or turned it off.

Hi @Termich,
Can you try going to:
and clearing the site data:


Does not help. But for example in IE and Edge 2015 everything works fine, in the new Edge there are also continuous omissions

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It helped to temporarily turn off the Widevine switch, delete the Widevine folder (you can turn it on again after removal). Then block all cookies and fingerprints. Then we clear the data for the site, enable cookies from www.pandora.com. It has been working for an hour without failures in any version of the browser including a stable release

I remember exactly that the browser fingerprint on www.pandora.com used to be blocked, now it says that no fingerprints were found on this site, but the method that I described above helped.

By the way, I tried in Chrome, Mozilla and the new Edge, one continuous problems with them, which does not work normally. Brave is the best)

I forgot to mention that to use this service I use SmartDNS because I am not in the USA

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