Wundermap page broken

If you visit Weather Unerground’s Wundermap page, the bottom of the page is blue. This is where the replay controls live. This deletes or hides the replay controls.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. With ipad mini or ipad pro, navigate to https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap?lat=35.122&lon=-85.344
    and you will be able to view this effect.
    2.This can be seen with every ipad I have had, all updated with the latest operating system as well as the latest version of brave.

Version 1.51.2 (
Happens on any new or old ipad.
This has happened since I started using Brave.
I am forced to use Safari to view this page content…

Thanks for reaching out.
I see the same issue on my iPad as well — looks like Shields is blocking that element. I will open an issue for this — if you want to use the site on Brave in the meantime, you can open the Shields panel and toggle Shields “off” to view the controls.

they have a pretty good app…

Issue filed here:

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