Wrong USDT price

On my wallet USDT price is wrong, it’s 0.0005231.
So i can’t do anithing with other Dex.
i got 51.1879 USDT for 0,0005231 $
I buy these usdt this midday, it was add automaticly.
K Regards


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@Under thanks for sharing. Just a heads up, make sure you don’t click on link or do anything as instructed by Andy_dev, as they are a scammer.

I’ll tag in @Evan123 and @jleonard on this. Hopefully they can try to work with you on this if anything you can do, but otherwise at least make sure they are aware and can make some fixes on why prices may be showing up differently on some tokens.

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I’m still waiting, Up? Maybe an answer or contact? Any help? Please repair your wallet …

Hello! We have an open issue regarding the incorrect Tether value. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Having he same issue when amount is reported in €.

Hi. Wrong price for USDT-Poly.
Mine shows $0.00001314 per USDT.
Is it same price for everyone ?

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