Wrong translation of "refresh" when right clicking on the tab (Polish)


Currently refresh translation in tab’s right-click menu is translated with severe grammar error.

How to reproduce:

  1. Change language to Polish
  2. Right click on any tab
  3. Refresh menu option under New Tab option will be translated to Odświerz

What is expected?
The menu option is translated to Odśwież


Thanks for reporting @Areinu!

Please see this thread Polish translation.


Thanks. I’ve joined the project linked in linked thread of the thread you linked, and the translation there is alright, so I expect this will, one day, be included in some newe version of the browser.


@eljuno When do you actually include the translations? The proper translation exists already for quite some time, but even though brave was updated to 0.22.667 the broken translation is still there. And it’s very grating.

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