Wrong physical address country, with wrong language


Brave misidentifies my IP to physical address.
I am in Hungary, my IP address is
This is interpreted by other browsers correctly as being in Veszprem,Hungary.

For online replies directly from Brave, and for other sites I visit that reply in what should be my local language, Brave says I am in Slovakia.

E.g. If I type https://echa.europa.eu/ - I am taken to https://echa.europa.eu/sk/home This is wrong.

Other web browsers do not make this error (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer)

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Hi, which language setting did you set on about:preferences?



My Brave preferences is set to English. This works fine. The only issue is
when I go to a web page that sets the language based on my location - in
these cases Brave gets it wrong ( other browsers get it right).

If the site itself is checking location then it seems to be OK. But I
assume there is something Brave sends that gives my location?

When I went to the Brave website, I also got a pop-up message in Slovakian.

I use Chrome & Firefox a lot as well, and have never had this issue, so it
must be a Brave-specific issue.

PS: I have been discussing with IT in my company to set Brave as a standard
browser for security reasons. But I think Brave is not quite ready for it
yet, I guess in the next 6 months or so it is going to be a good match with
better security than most other browsers - you are doing a great job!.

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