Wrong "Notifications are disabled" warning when they are enabled! (+pics)

This is happening to me since a week +or-, on Brave Beta and Nightly (both in Android). Don’t know why. Notifications are enabled all the time, but this two warnings make me worry about My future rewards. Both browsers are up to date. Any solution?

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Could you go to

And test?

Well, i tested/clicked them all and everything worked fine. All notifications were shown.

What could it be?..

Could you disable notifications and re enable them ?

Tried again and still getting that message. But it seems that is only a glitch, because, despite of getting that “disabled notifications” message, i’m still receiving ads (when i open new tabs, and in the notification bar) and i gain/obtain tokens for that.
Now, my main worry is when the payout time arrive, that payout never arrive to my verified Uphold wallet, because of that glitch…
It is the 8th of february, payout day is 7th… maybe it is still procesing… what do you think?

Yes. It is still processing. You can track at

@JoseLuis do a favor and provide the following information.

  • What version of Brave are you using? (I know Beta and Nightly, but which particular version numbers?)

  • Which version of Android are you using?

  • What type of phone/tablet do you have?

  • You shared at least some of your app notifications settings for Brave, but if you kept scrolling, is there anything disabled?

  • If you go to your Android Settings → Notifications, what do you have toggled there? For example, you can enable/disable icon badges, can turn on Do Not Disturb, etc. I’m wondering if maybe there’s something there ?

  • I’m noticing notifications on the top of your screenshots. I don’t know what apps they belong to and am not going to ask. But could an app you have installed be preventing notifications? For example, some apps try to impose battery saver modes or other such things which can interfere.

  • Lastly, can you try to restart your phone and see if anything changes?

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1 - Brave Beta (1.50.83) and Nightly (1.51.13). With the other Brave browser, not mentioned here (“with the orange lion icon” 1.48.171), i have no problems.
2- Android 8.1.0; Build/OPM7.181205.001
3- Huawei Nexus 6P smartphone
4- From the top to the bottom, everything enabled to be shown on screen (some things with sound and others without)
5- Notifications in my phone in that moment were: a screenshot, Honeygain app (sells broadband i don’t use, a passive income app) and Pawns.app (similar to Honeygain). I tried with them closed, but i got the same results as before that.
6- Restarted the phone, but still getting the same “notifications are disabled, Brave rewards may not work while notifications are disabled”, screen.
7- In my opinion: this is not/won’t be a serious problem, unless this prevents me receiving the BATs in my wallet, but it is soon to know that, i guess…

You should still get payout when it arrives. However, I don’t think you’ll be earning BAT if it’s thinking it’s not showing you notifications. Well, won’t earn from push notifications anyway. Don’t think it would be an issue for NTP ads and all.

Sorry, one more thing just to double check here.

Once get that answered, will try to tag in Mattches or SaltyBanana to see if either might have any ideas. I just was trying to get the information they might need. But not coming up with any other thoughts at this moment in time. (though it’s late and I should be in bed, so might be something simple I’m not thinking of).

Pretty much just asking that last question just in case it somehow played a part. Anyway, I’m heading off to bed. Hopefully Support can check in tomorrow and have a solution.

Safety net test, with no problems

So, now let’s see if with all the info given, SaltyBanana or Mattches have any new idea.

@Mattches @SaltyBanana either of you have an idea on why this issue is occurring?

Hi @JoseLuis thanks for reporting. Thanks @Saoiray for tagging me.

I have not seen this issue before. However, I will bring this to the attention of our team for their thoughts.

Will also tag @chriscat if this is an issue they are already aware of.

@JoseLuis could you check in your OS settings if you have notifications enabled?
There should be an option additional settings can you see if that is enabled or disabled?

Also what happens after you select the activate notifications prompt? Do you still get that error message?

Feel free to send screenshots.

Here are some shots

here shows the 3 browsers enabled.

Also, i don’t find any difference between the 3 browsers configuration. As i told you before, the main browser (the one with the orange lion icon) works well.
After i push the button and activate notifications in the prompt, automatically sends me to the Brave Configuration (1st screenshot) where the notification button shows already enabled.

Thanks so much for sharing. We are actively investigating this issue, and hope to have more info soon.

Thanks for your patience.

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