Wrong next payment day?

hi, I just noticed after some days not getting ads from my android device that the pending rewards resetted to 0 and the next payment date switched to feb 5.

Brave Mobile version: 1.18.75 (at the time of writing, the update on android doesn’t appear t be available yet).

Operating System: android 10


Update: I just updated the app as the update became available and it seems that everything came back to normal.

I wasn’t keeping track of how much bat I had in the pending rewards but since I reinstalled the app and the reduced bat ads, 1 bat seems reasonable :thinking:

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Hi the counter reset has nothing to do with the uphold payment process. It can take a few hours or a day to receive the BAT after the counter showing 0.

@Habanero420 yeah I know that, but you are not seeing what the problem is, it shouldn’t reset because yesterday was not the stipulated payment day(jan 5).

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