Wrong keyboard layout, change not remembered

Description of the issue:
The keyboard on my Samsung Note 10 opens an EN(UK) keyboard by default when I click touch the address bar. I never use this keyboard layout, it is foreign to me, it is not even configured for my Samsung keyboard. Even if I change the layout by swiping on the space bar, this is not remembered but it always opens the EN(UK) when keyboard is opened.

I have English language configured for the browser, because this is the language I want the browser and the websites to show, but I want to use the keyboard layout that I have always used.

This makes the browser too cumbersome to use unfortunately.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Touch address bar
  2. Change keyboard layout by swiping the space bar
  3. Type something
  4. Click the X on the right side of address
  5. Layout changes back to EN(UK)

Expected result:
I expect the keyboard to not change the layout.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.10.99, Chromium 83.0.4103.116

Mobile Device details
Samsung Note 10
Android 10; SM-N975F Build/QP1A.190711.020

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