Wrong GUI scale since latest version

Since latest version 1.36.109 the GUI is scaled wrong on Windows tablet, while on PC it’s normal.

Both use Windows 11, on tablet (Surface 7+) dpi is set to 200 (but changing doesn’t fix), PC uses 125 dpi, but scaling is fine. See also screenshot.

On your tablet, are you changing the scale on the system itself or within the browser?

No, Zoom is 100% and does btw. not affect the GUI scale, only websites. Only dpi has been changed (it’s default 200% on Surface), but scale was always correct until latest version.

Oh I see — I misinterpreted your original post, apologies. Not sure what would have changed — asking some team members now. Thanks for your patience.

Actually — to be clear, this is specific to Brave? that is, other browsers are showing at the correct scale?

Yes, appears only in Brave and only on the Surface (updated also gpu-drivers, but no change). I use another 2 PC with Brave and higher scaling, no problems.

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