Wrong amount of bat credited

I had 1.136 bat in my android brave and 1.7 bat in my laptop brave with both accounts linked with same uphold. But now i only received 1.6 bat. What’s the matter?? I was suppose to get 2.8 bat.
Even I didn’t got my payout for April month in my laptop. @steeven @SaltyBanana

This is likely due to a known issue that the team is working to address now:


Will i get the rest of bats when the issue will be solved?

Everyone should be paid out what they are owed once the issue is resolved.

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I had the same issue.

Also i recently received the current estimated rewards in my uphold account and is less than expected. Why???

Well, GG Brave, GG!

According to Both my devices estime to arrive it would have been slightly under 7 BAT for both. But this I did not expect

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The problem is not fixed and ur team started paying for verified Gemini???

Damn. Was this due for long time or they just gave you this amount for no reason?

Couldn’t tell you. It’s 3x the amount that should have arrived.
Why that much, who knows.

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guess you are just lucky.

We will see. Support is looking at it to see what is going on there.

How much time does it require to look and fix the issue?? And most importantly if there is a bug why they started processing payment for Gemini??

There has been issues with the payouts for a few months to be fair. THey are looking into it. But my case is weird. Most people having this issue get far less than they should have. I got more.
Approximately 3 times more than the estimate in the browsers told me. I was assuming this is overlap from the past few months. But what do I know.

Brave reduced my rewards from13. I 7 to 9 after i claimed my rewards.

now it turned 14 after waiting 5 minutes or so

@Mattches we are not getting our payouts properly :pensive::pensive: and some people more and more than the expected payout :pensive::pensive:. How many days will it take so that the bugs are fixed??

As I’ve stated in all other threads, this issue is non-trivial and the team is working to address it. When fixed everyone should receive any due payments.

Thank you.

I have even got the claim button for my Gemini verified account and my earnings have disappeared. Every month there is a different issue with payments.

Sir any update regarding this issue ?? :pensive:

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