Would you like to start wallets for....?

So when I’m not logged into my Wallet because, let’s say, I’m JUST browsing or doing normal day-to-day work, Brave keeps asking me, “Would you like to start wallets for crypto support?” And my options are to “Start crypto wallet” or got to settings. So, what if my answer is no, because I’m JUST browsing and/or doing normal day-to-day work that has NOTHING to do with my digital currency life. Perhaps users sometimes only want to use Brave browser for what a browser is originally intended…browsing.

Please can we be able to answer this rhetorical question honestly with a ‘No, just browsing’ button alongside the “Start crypto wallet” button? It’s very annoying having to hit X several times during a session whenever I refresh or open a new page. Or at least let the browser remember that I hit X for the duration of the session and only ask me again when I start a new session/reopen/restart my browser.

Thanks in advance…

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This. Much this. It won’t stop even if I say go ahead and [Start Crypto Wallets and reload]. Gave in and went to settings and enabled ‘Load Crypto Wallets on startup’… still happens. What gives? Is it broken? Like op says, soooo annoying to have to x out every page. I really do NOT want to go back to chrome, but I will.

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