Would love to see a (pref. native) CSS/JS injector!

If you have any web developer skills, or work online and have any remote interest in speeding up your daily work between sites, you’ve likely heard of Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey. These are stylesheet/script injectors that allow you to modify your experience on different web pages. Like having a browser extension, but in a much more open ended way.

I realise that this could provide security holes, particularly for naive users who just want to install some “dark mode” extension with a malicious side-loop that steals their data. But that is the fault of the person who puts that malicious extension online. There’s plenty more of us who like to use it for our jobs and general browsing pleasure.

Some examples of stuff I’ve made in the past:

  • A script that auto-loaded items on a legacy database I had to use for my job
  • A helper that grabbed product details from my company’s API while I worked in customer support, for easy copy/paste
  • Canned responses for my ProtonMail (now Tutanota) account

If you do add this, I think it would be wise to add a warning that “code you run could expose you to data leaks, ensure that what you add is verified” - and add it in a hidden developer preference that can’t be easily checked.

James Scaur - crypto geek and daily user of Brave Desktop/iOS

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