Would like a Brave drop down Bookmarks list


Wish that Brave had a drop down Bookmarks list on the file menu - the only place I see for my bookmarks is the bookmarks toolbar which is less efficient and cumbersome if you have a lot of bookmarks.

Thank you for considering this!


Hi @Trainor,

There’s a bookmark menu in menu bar and it listed the bookmarks. Is this what you looking for?

Thank you,


Eljuno, I was confused as it appeared that a bookmark could only be saved to the Bookmarks Toolbar, not realizing it WAS being saved to the list too. Thank you for clarifying it for me.

Off topic, but I notice that at Drudge Report, there’s several ads showing. AND, PS, just found the ads on Drdge Report could axed by using the Site Shield settings to eliminate scripts.

Thanks again, I’m sold!


As long as your bookmarks and folders are not in Other Bookmarks, it will listed in Bookmark menu in menu bar.

And about ads on DR, other users are reported that too and there’s an open issue in GitHub. I also add your comment to the GitHub issue, and you can track the progress there:

Your welcome! :slight_smile:

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