Would it be possible to get around the Tiktok ban in the US with the Brave browser?

Would it be possible to develop a feature - a decentralized VPN - that gets around the Tiktok ban in the US with the Brave Browser? This would not only help all US Tiktok fans (One hundred million) and creators, but also my daughter to be able to follow her American Tiktok Idols. It would give huge exposure to Brave Browser and greatly benefit the Basic Attention Token.

In my opinion it should go around two blocks (or more??):

  1. The app being blocked in the Apps store based on country
  2. Prevent Local internet service providers to block access to TikTok’s servers

The only (big) risk is that Brave is located in San Francisco, CA - and therefore controlled by T R U M P :frowning:

It is just an idea share … so let me know your thoughts.

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they released vpn for ios https://brave.com/firewall-vpn/

and for other os there are many free option out

try this https://protonvpn.com/ it has free option

Thanks Justsomeone1 for your quick answer. However I am looking for something decentralized (dVPN on a public blockchain) and preferable that both Brave and BAT is involved. I also found Mysterium Network which certainly looks like a dVPN, only I would love to see this feature on Brave too.

you welcome
that would be interesting option and thanks for letting me know about Mysterium Network

i will go read more about the dVPN to see all pro and con

thanks for the knowledge and have a nice day

Tiktok should not be banned if you use a VPN because that’s what this tool is for. I looked up TikTok trends once at https://backlightblog.com/tiktok-trends. It helped me develop my channel in this social network, so I’m 100% sure that you will find it an appropriate resource for answering your questions.
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