Worth of Brave Rewards for every ad is really low and ads are intrusive

I thought that Brave Ads would substitute the ads that we see in the websites. However, now that they are working in some regions, I had the chance to experience the ads.
In my opinion they are intrusive as they are showed as notifications instead of ads in the browser. That means, that if you are working on any program outside the browser, you’ll see the ad popping up (usually on the bottom right side of the screen). The notification has only a very small cross that you can use to close the ad, or it will disappear by itself after few minutes, which I think is a very long time.
The reward for this intrusive ad is less than $0.02 (0.05 BAT each ad), which I think is very very low pay for the time/visual intrusion that I have.

An acceptable reward could be 0.5/1 BAT each ad.


I also thought that the ads would be embedded and not rendered as notifications. While I’m allowing time to see if I get used to the approach (and it does have its merits), I also think this could be made clearer in the documentation. It also becomes a bit irritating to get the same three adverts over and over when my user behaviour would establish that I’m not interested in two of them. However, I acknowledge that you need time to build the advertiser base.

This comment has two pieces of feedback:

  1. the form factor of advertising feeling too intrusive
  2. the reward amount per ad

I have thoughts on both :joy:

  1. I, too, would love to see alternate options for how ads show up. Getting an ad for to Facebook targeting you a bit too well can feel gross, and an ad’s ability to grab your attention when you have the browser minimized can sometimes feel similarly gross. It might be the right option for some, but I’d love to see other options considered/discussed as well.

  2. I’d love to know what the reward payout model is. I assume we’re being paid by view? What’s the cost advertisers are paying on average? How much should I generally expect per view? Part of the equation Brave is building is giving value back to users for the ads they’re viewing. I’d love a better sense of what that value is so I can give feedback on whether it feels right. Right now it definitely feels low.

I was happy to click away and mine my way to some BAT.

It got tiring after about 400 ads or so. My click through rate has dropped exponentially.

It is also demotivating to know that you can’t take your BAT elsewhere.

If I’m not mistaken you don’t have to click in order to gain BAT. Just showing the ad should give you the reward.

However, I find that $0.02 for an intrusive ad as notification that last on my screen 2 minutes without doing any action, is definitely not worth it.

I totally disagree with this model, I rather see ads beside or in between an article I’m reading. This notification really distract me as they are the same as when I receive an email or something more important.