Work around Brave detection?

I’m using Brave as a Chrome extension-compatible browser for my CRM and Support teams. We have an Aircall chrome extension for Zendesk Sell that seemingly works just fine in Brave. But the in-Zendesk plugin (not a Chrome extension) for Zendesk Support is somehow detecting Brave isn’t Chrome and is preventing functionality. Is there any way (even if we had to write another extension) to prevent this type of block? I suspect that Brave will work just fine.

Hello @djstarr

not sure what that extension depend on chrome browser try this
go to brave://settings/extensions and enable hangout and see if it help or not

Thank you for this. I’m guessing the detection is happening on their web app side of things. I wonder how a local override or extension might change Brave to report back that it’s Chrome. Essentially to prohibit something like this

you welcome @djstarr

when i asked you to allow extension i was guessing that this extension require some service that chrome offer and from it’s name aircall i guessed it about voice/video call so thought it would be the hangout extension

and brave do not user it’s own user agent but there some extension that would change that for you to report to the site it use what ever user agent you like

you can check the webstore

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