Wordpress Social Sharing Plugins that will work fine with Brave shields?

So, I’m about to start promoting Brave heavily on my personal blog, so it’s time to make sure my site is 100% compatible with the new era of high-speed, low-script webpages! (Don’t want to be a hypocrite, after all :smiley: ).

I currently use Sumo Shares, but found out quickly after switching to Brave that the “total share count” function was no longer worked, presumably due to Brave shields blocking those scripts.

Do any other Wordpress users out there know of a Social Shares plugin I could switch to that still allows the “total shares” function while in the Brave Browser, or would this be impossible with Brave’s shields? And if that’s not possible…I’d love to hear any recommendations for good lightweight options out there, since I’d rather make the switch to something super lightweight as Sumo’s bulky functionality will no longer be of use.


If its interfacing with a 3rd-party like Sumo, it’ll probably be blocked due to privacy. sumo is considered a tracker, which why there would be issues.

Brave using Easylist and Easyprivacy to protect users, for site/user tracking it’ll cause problems.


Gotcha! How do I find a plugin that isn’t a “tracker”? Like what would I need to look for to make sure it isn’t blocked by Brave shields?

Really depend on the plugin, analytics / counters / webstats wordpress related plugins will be affected. Other plugins should be fine. Hard to say which plugins work/don’t work, implement the plugin then check to see if it works.

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