Won't use desktop browser without reading mode


Brave has been the default browser on my Android phone since it was installed, but I stopped using Brave on the desktop soon after it was installed because it doesn’t have a reading mode. In Safari, that feature is available from the menu under View / Show Reader. In Firefox, it’s under View / Enter Reader View.

My vision isn’t the best – I am 60+ years old. So I find the ability to display clear black type on a white background indispensable.

Since the invention of the printing press more than 500 years ago it has been recognized that the easiest reading mode is black text on a white background. Yet web designers keep putting tiny pale-grey text on a white background, or black text on a dark purple background. That’s one reason why we need browsers with a reading mode.

No, I am not interested in an extension. Firefox and Safari are able to build this feature into their browsers, so I will use those browsers unless other browsers offer the feature.

Chrome doesn’t have a reading mode, of course, because Google depends on advertising for its very existence. But what’s Brave’s excuse?

If I can’t use Brave on the desktop, I won’t be sending any money your way. Seems like a pity, though, when you spend so much time and money developing a new browser that you wouldn’t target everyone - including those of us who don’t have perfect vision.


Sorry to hear you are upset. Have you filed a feature request here on the community?


Hi @LinuxLoon,

I’m sorrry to hear that. There’s an open issue about reading mode. I added your comment to GitHub issue and you can track the progress here:

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Thanks, both of you. Yes, I initially planned this as a feature request, but it appeared (to me anyway) that comments were closed for that feature request (reading mode). So I posted it as site feedback. Thanks very much, eljuno, for adding my comment to the GitHub issue page. I will follow that. Cheers.


It seems, if I’m not wrong, another thread that’s you see and closed is because the request is logged in GitHub.

I’m going to close this thread too for now, since the issue is tracked in GitHub. If you have another request or question, please open a new thread.

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