Withdrawal capability for mobile ever coming?

Hello, I am a big fan of the Brave browser and the Bat token. I have been using Brave since I was given Bat incentive to do so through Coinbase maybe 8 months ago now. I have incorporated Brave as my go to web browser more and more and at this point it is my default browser that I use for 98% of anything browser related. With that said I dont have a laptop or a pc. I have two tablets and a android smartphone. I think in this day and age that if something is offered through one method of use it needs to be available through all methods, in some similar functioning capacity at least(stripped down or lite versions for mobile is fine). So why is it that Brave browser and Brave rewards isnt capable of withdrawing to Uphold on mobile devices still? How long has Brave been on the market available for the public to download and use? Far too long to be punishing those that do a vast majority of web activity from their mobile devices. I mean these days companies develop a mobile app first and pc or laptop comes second a lot of not most of the time now yet Rewards through your browsers wallet still are held back on mobile. If the only purpose in having a wallet is to link to your pc to withdraw I think that is a big tease to the user and slightly deceptive marketing in fact. I would like to know IF you actually are going to make this Brave rewards mobile wallet self sustainable in the near future and if so I think your users deserve some sort of blueprint or outline for your plans on that. I know you have been having some consistent issues with the pc version for months now but honestly minus that Brave burning through my phones battery glitch I havent had any issues with Brave at all. I receive my BAT rewards on the 6th every month since they have been available on mobile and they are always spot on. I have never had my BAT balance and I attest this to things just generally running smoother on mobile versions than their bigger non-mobile or not as mobile counterparts. So to sum it up and reiterate my dilemma, Is Brave going to ever make the mobile wallet self sustainable and capable of making withdraws from mobile browser? If yes, will you please give a more detailed outline of when we can expect this to actually happen? I really wont be very accepting of a vague answer of “soon, be patient” or “we are working on it and will post any updates we have in the community forum”. I know how it works in an office setting for development and if you are working on it then their is a deadline for the team responsible for making it ready for use. I would like to know that deadlines date. Heck lie to me and tell me 4 to 6 weeks later, that is still something which is much better than what anybody else that is a mobile-centric browser user is given now and that is pretty much nothing. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.


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