Withdraw to Uphold or Coinbase

Description of the issue:

How come I can’t withdraw BAT’s into Uphold? I have 25 BAT’s but my browser won’t let me transfer it to Uphold. Can you send it to my Coinbase Wallet please? I’m already verified.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Allow me to withdraw without having to wait for Brave to do it. Allow me to withdraw to my Coinbase Wallet.

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Hey @gadgets !

Payouts are still in process and we use these 3rd party exchanges as due diligence and compliance. Please wait for payouts to be complete, if you do not receive BAT when payouts has ended please let us know.

See more updates in this post → Monthly Ads Payout Status Update

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I have been waiting two months for a simple payment to be complete. It shouldn’t take that long. I just had a chat with Uphold. Uphold claims that Brave sends the Basic Attention Token. Now yoy are claiming that a 3rd party sends the payment. I waited long enough. What is the legal name of Brave?

I’m still waiting for July’s payment. I just saw that August payment was complete. I have over 29 Basic Attention Tokens waiting to be sent to me for two months. It leads me to believe that you are staking my money and holding it away from me.

Who is the 3rd party holding my Basic Attention Tokens away from me?

This is the forth month with out me being to withdraw and I think it is being done on purpose. How long do I have to complain before we have to settle this matter in court?

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