Withdraw referalls BAT

Hello, i would like to know how can i withdraw my BATs gained by referalls, it’s not the same of ADS funds, and i didn’t find any way to withdraw referall BATs.
Can you help me please?
Have a nice day!

Hi @Goatzied, welcome to Community!

Have you verified your Brave wallet with an Uphold account? And do you have a Brave Creators account?
Additionally, here is an FAQ that may answer some of your questions.

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Hi, thanks for your reply!
Yes i confirmed my brave wallet with Uphold account, and i have a brave creator account.
When i log-in on my brave creator account i have my BATs received from referalls, that is a different amount from brave rewards (by ADs and things), i don’t know how to withdraw referalls bats.
Have a nice day, thanks

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All creator payout (including referral) is happens automatically around 8th, every month, US time zone @Goatzied.



Thanks for your reply! So at 8th of every month, or around, the bats will be transfered to my uphold account?



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