Withdraw from Binance for Bravewallet

Greetings! Three hours ago, I made a withdrawal of 3063.81900000 SPARTA from my Binance account to my Bravewallet.

So far, active crypto has not been credited to my Bravewallet.

Can you provide me with some information regarding the transaction?

What is the time limit for crediting my wallet?

@Fcvianna3 You will have to add SPARTA in Brave Wallet as custom assets on Binance Smart Chain. Go to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio > Visible assets > Add custom asset > Select Binance Smart Chain and input details of SPARTA token which I think is this one- https://bscscan.com/token/0x3910db0600ea925f63c36ddb1351ab6e2c6eb102

Do post an update.

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