Withdraw BAT to Uphold

I have clicked the withdraw link in the developer version and it takes me to the “use funds” page in my Uphold account and does not add them. I have contacted the uphold support. Uphold support chat transcript below. Huge fan or Brave/BATs!

(02:05:54 AM) Carlos C: Which version of the browser are you using?
(02:06:20 AM) ******: Version 0.69.103 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)
(02:08:09 AM) Carlos C: One moment please
(02:08:17 AM) ******: ok
(02:12:19 AM) Carlos C: Do you get any error when trying to withdraw?
(02:13:06 AM) *******: no it takes me to the use funds page
(02:17:48 AM) Carlos C: You will be paid in September, please contact Brave for more information
(02:18:31 AM) ********: ok I will look into it with brave
(02:18:55 AM) Carlos C: I’ll go ahead and close the chat window for now, but feel free to get back in touch anytime if you have more questions. Have a good day!
(02:19:06 AM) *******: thanks
(02:19:10 AM) *** Carlos C left the chat **