Withdraw BAT in Ukraine

How can I withdraw my BAT if the Gemini and Uphold do not work in Ukraine?

@mounster Currently there is no option for this. The reason is because Brave legally does not have licenses and other things they need in order to process BAT themselves through Brave Wallet. And the only companies who are custodial wallets and have the proper licences are just Uphold and Gemini at the moment.

So this means you can continue earning BAT through ads but it will collect in your browser. Eventually, Gemini and/or Uphold should become available once more and you’ll be able to send it over.

Hello Saoiray!

Thanks for your reply!
And is there any point/way to withdraw BAT back to Brave wallet? Or should we just wait until Uphold/Gemini starts working in Ukraine again?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to collect my rewards for the previous month in the browser, it’s just gone. Could you provide some suggestions on how to fix that? Because I found myself without Uphold wallet and my account under review at the moment.

Due to legal reasons, they can’t connect Brave Rewards with Brave Wallet. So you’ll likely need to wait for Uphold or Gemini to reopen to that region.

For this, you’d have to contact staff. Try to check out FAQ I wrote a little while back, as there is a section there on who to contact and what to do if you haven’t received your BAT. There’s other helpful information as well which might be good for you in the future. FAQ is PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

This part is something that Brave can’t help you with. Obviously if Brave tried sending it to you but your account was under review and all, it may not have been able to go through. I’d definitely be in contact with Uphold to find out what’s going on and to clear that. You could always try to connect browsers to Gemini or something instead so you can continue to receive payments, if Gemini is available in your area.

Got it. Thanks for your reply!)

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