Withdraw bat from uphold to my TW error

Hello I sent you by mistake my $bat I had on uphold. I wanted to send them to my trust wallet but I don’t know why I pasted your address.

My adress uphold 0x340d693ed55d7ba167d184ea76ea2fd092a35bdc

Your adress 0x340d693ed55d7ba167d184ea76ea2fd092a35bdc

Transaction https://etherscan.io/token/0x0d8775f648430679a709e98d2b0cb6250d2887ef?a=0x9c4f6a5050cf863e67a402e8b377973b4e3372c1

My trust wallet adress if you can send them

Iam very sorry I need your help. Thank you :pray:t4:

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