Withdraw BAT from iOS to Brave on Windows Desktop


I updated my Brave version on iOS (1.22 ( and Windows (Version 1.18.70 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (64 bits)) in order to withdraw my BAT from my Iphone to my Desktop, functionality available on the lastest iOS version.

I don’t find any QR code to scan on my Desktop reward page. Do I have the right Brave versions ? Is it possible to withdraw BAT from iOS to Windows ?

Thank you in avdance for your help,

That is a question that I also ask myself. I have both, the newest iOS and the newest desktop version but I also can’t find any QR code to scan.

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Root cause has been written on this post : BAT withdraw iOS to Brave MacOS

Unfortunately, we had to wait until the next, hotfix update (v1.22.1) before QR code functionality is fully operational. Note that this is not a timed situation and you will not lose BAT in the interim between this release and the hotfix where the transfer is available. More info here:

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