Withdraw BAT from Brave Creatorss

Greetings Brave Support team!

I got a problem with my Brave Creators where only have 7.69 BAT. I have created others topics right there:

Many days have passed since they were supposed to send me my BAT

How much longer do I have to wait? What a disservice of him to promise something repeatedly to no avail. Please respond so that this reaches a solution

My Browser is Brave and is up to date.

My OS is Windows 10 Ver: 10.0.19041 N/D Compilación 19041

Hello?! What is going on? This is a SCAM ???

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Yes it is. They didn’t deliver what they promised; they claim to provide help via DMs but fail to respond. And for the most part, Brave Apologists insist we should be patient, be grateful we’re getting even any BAT at all - what a privilege it is to be receiving BAT for ads, even if our dues are owed!

Kudos for enduring these few months to chase your BAT Creators Rewards though. Most thread OPs I’ve seen the past 1 year just faded away, and didn’t pursue their dues. I had 20 BAT (non creators) I ended up donating away because I couldn’t cash it out for months. There’s so many things wrong with the system and the process.

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