With Xmarks officially dead, how/when will Brave get bookmark synchronization?


The title says it all. I still haven’t been able to migrate fully (or even mostly) to Brave largely due to lack of bookmark synchronization. I’ve used XMarks since it was Foxmarks and am not sure what I’ll use going forward, but doubly so for Brave.


Hi @scoiner,

You can import your browser data (including bookmarks) from other browser to Brave on desktop.

  • Hamburger menu > Bookmarks > Import Browser Data…

Brave also have Brave Sync, currently only available on desktop version at Preferences/Settings > Sync. Mobile sync is still being worked on.

Thank you,


Yeah importing bookmarks is not the same thing at all, and Brave sync (correct me if I’m wrong here…) only syncs between different copies of Brave. I need to be able to be in Firefox, or Chrome, or Safari, or Brave, and bookmark something and know that it will appear in all the others as well. I had this (with the exception of Brave) with Xmarks but that is no longer. I’m looking for some other solution now and hoping that Brave will be included in it.


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