Wishlist autocomplete dropdown right-click Remove


Wishlist feature. In the autocomplete dropdown, in the address bar, it often autocompletes to an address I don’t want to visit anymore.

This is somewhat bothersome, because I was used to quickly typing “tasks” to go to Google Tasks and that doesn’t work anymore, because some other random site I visited now is automagically seen by Brave as being a better match for the word “tasks” so Brave autocompletes to that site instead.

I really wish I could right-click on an items in the dropdown, and say “Remove from autocomplete suggestions”. This would do exactly that, set a flag so that it would never be suggested again for an autocomplete, but keep it in history. Perhaps also have “Remove from history” altogether, as an additional choice, that would scrub it from history as well.

This would go a long way towards keeping the autocomplete dropdown list neat and tidy! Thank you for reading this.


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