WindyTV not functioning



WindyTV. overlays appear to be blocked by Brave. For example, my alternative browsers all enable selection of an overlay from the rhs of screen and the details show on the web page (e.g. if wind is chosen, the screen should show an animation indicating wind strength and direction). In Brave, only the background map shows. The background map does respond to different selections

Brave shields seem to be (incorrectly?) identifying the overlay as canvas fingerprinting

Shields down reveals the animation,


Hi @Stevie

I tried the link you provided and when Fingerprinting Protection is enabled there is one 1 Fingerprinting Method Blocked, so I believe Brave is working correctly in this instance.

However, if you wish to see the animation and don’t want to take all of your shields down, you can just toggle off ‘Fingerprinting Protection’ from the Bravery icon for just this one site so you can see animation.


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