Windscribe VPN Breaks Brave

Brave was already installed and I was happily using it. I installed the Windscribe VPN and now Brave is broken. Brave loads into memory and the icon appears on the task bar, but it will never open the window. The icon just stays stuck on the task bar. I tried uninstalling Brave and re-installing with no luck.

Windows 10
Today’s Build of Brave x64 (2 October 2018)

If you were able to download that extension @ColMortimer I’m going to assume you are using the latest beta version, correct? If so, you posted the topic in wrong category. Broken Extensions - The Brave Community would have been the best place for it.

If you’re not using the latest beta version, perhaps you should and test it again Download Brave Beta | Brave Browser it will be good for other users considering it’s a very popular tech.

UPDATE for the moderators: I think it would be good if you could correspond with @Discourse and mention if you can easily migrate issues under the correct category and banner and perhaps even allow users to push a simple icon at the bottom of a topic which is similar to the square boxes at the top of Beta Builds - The Brave Community which has ‘all categories’ and ‘all’ but at the bottom of individual topics as well so users can help other users to bring quick notice it, obviously it seems ideal for a moderator to confirm whether the category is correct before it’s migrated.

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